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Only the best real estate agents who know the ins-and-outs of your local market can provide the most accurate assessment of your home’s valuation. 

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“I wasn’t sure whether I was ready to sell my home of 25 years. However, the way homes are selling in the neighborhood curiosity got the best of me. It only took a few minutes to get an online estimate and it was an easy way for me to dip my toes into today’s market. The estimate opened up more questions… A friend recommended that I chat with a local agent. Because I had completed the online estimate, I was in a good place to have a productive discussion with the agent. Although I’ve decided to stay in my home, I received invaluable insight from the agent and have a better idea what market trends to look for in the future if I do decide to sell my home.“

Chris Lee

Home  Estimate: How is it calculated?

Home value estimators are based on the automated valuation model, or “AVM.” A variety of data is gathered, including public records such as recent sales, listing prices in the area, and tax assessments. This information is aggregated by mathematical algorithms to determine a range for your home’s most accurate valuation. 

Other sites stop there. We go further.

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    After identifying the primary home value estimate, we use confidence score tools and sophisticated machine learning to assess and refine further, bringing us to a more accurate home value estimate. It requires millions of real estate data points to identify your home value estimate’s magic number – that’s why this second phase of the process is so crucial.
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    Although the home value estimates you receive here on the site are highly accurate, perhaps more accurate than any numbers you will access anywhere else, we strongly recommend you reach out to a top real estate agent for your neighborhood. The real estate business is about relationships; personal connections and the human touch simply cannot be underestimated. 
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    Home value estimates are just that – estimates. Because it isn’t an exact science, the most serious home buyers join forces with real estate agents who are equipped with local knowledge, market trends, and successful marketing strategies to get the most out of selling your home.

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"Delphine and her team were knowledgeable, responsible and enthusiastic to work with. She helped us sell our house and purchase a new home in just 40 days."

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Local agents are local experts

A home valuation number is a great start, but to truly capture your home’s value against today’s market, there’s nothing better than connecting with a top local agent.

Your neighborhood agent has sold properties just like yours

Okay, maybe not “just” like yours…. Our point is that unlike an online home valuation assessment, local agents can take into account the more subtle and personal selling points of your home and neighborhood that an online valuation tool may overlook. 

Agents are “plugged-in” to the ebbs and flows of your locality

Numbers are retroactive, that is a home valuation estimate is compiled from millions of data points. Although helpful, these online tools do not consider the emerging trends specific to your local market. That’s something only a top agent who works on the ground in your neighborhood can share with you. 

Agents are connected, online algorithms aren't!

Agents not only have a fingertip feel for the market, they network every day. Never underestimate the value a real estate agent can bring, particularly in terms of the people and connections they’ve made throughout their career. From colleagues and other buyer’s agents to former clients – when a local real estate agent sees your home and runs the comps, the wheels in their head are already turning on who they know that may be interested in purchasing your home.

Online estimators draw from past sales

Although online estimators are a fantastic starting point, they draw from a wide range of datapoints, often no longer relevant to your specific situation. For example, chances are there are just a handful of homes like yours that have sold in the last couple of months in your neighborhood, making the most relevant data that online tools draw from quite narrow. On the other hand, your real estate agent can provide a far more accurate estimate because they not only know what homes have sold recently, but what homes are on or soon-to-be on market.  

Agents have a “big picture” view of data

There’s a wide range in quality for the data that is published publicly to MLS. For example, in some counties square footage is not recorded in the MLS. Many such examples can skew the estimate results, something your agent is mindful of when assessing the most competitive listing price for your home. 

Agents are here to work for you

Delphine and Team love what they do. For this team of top real estate agents, there is nothing more fulfilling than getting their home sellers top dollar for their homes, fast.

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So, your home was on the market one, twice, maybe three times in the past? How will this time be the time you finally sell? Our expert team will explain how to sell your home fast, once and for all, for the top dollar in your pocket.

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