Selling your home after the listing expired

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Why didn't my home sell?

If your listing has expired, you are likely to feel disappointed, discouraged and even disillusioned. Do not give up? Expired listings do sell. There is a buyer for every home but, a number of factors have caused your listing to expire without a sale. Your goal should be to ensure that the second time around is successful. There are five primary reasons expired listings do not sell. Let’s have a look at what may have caused your listing to expire.


Wrong Agent

Your previous agent may have made many promises such as: 

• I have a buyer for your home
• I am the neighborhood specialist
• I’ll sell your home or buy it myself
• I’ll sell your home in 90 days


Wrong Price

• The amount you paid when you purchased the home
• The amount of money you need from the sale
• Your opinion of value
• Representations about value from an inexperienced real estate agent
• Your neighbor’s opinion about value
• The cost to rebuild your home today
• Online suggestions from sources like Zillow

These elements do not reflect supply and demand or market value. If your listing specialist presented you a reliable comparables and you disregarded the information, you most likely over-priced your home. To make matters worse, when your home was recognized as over-priced agents failed to show it and prospective buyers never saw it. This is the bitter truth.


Property Condition

Remember the saying, “A first impression lasts a long time.” Well, it’s especially true in real estate. Never discount “showability.” 

And, never discount your agent’s recommendations as to how you can improve the “showability” of your expired listing. 

• Does your home have curb appeal?
• Do you see repairs that need to be made?
• Does the home have a good traffic pattern?
• Is your comfy furniture taking up too much space?
• Would painting certain rooms help attract buyers?
• Is the basement neat, clean and spacious?
• Is the attic the same way?
• Is the clutter gone?
• Do you see wide open spaces with potential?
• Is there wallpaper that should come down?


Access To The House

Your home needs to be accessible in order to sell. The easier it is to show your home, the more showings you will have. And, the more showings you have, the greater your chance of selling. Before you leave, give the home the attention needed to show at its best. 

The bottom line is that if your home is difficult to show and if you are home when it is being shown, you are reducing the chance of a sale. 


Ineffective Marketing

You may be disappointed with your previous agent but a new agent with technology, a solid work ethic and the know-how can make good results happen.

Homes with strong online presences sell faster because the majority of today’s buyers search online first. Your home’s online presence cannot be diminished because buyers often find the homes they eventually buy on this venue. 



Gauri K. - Downtown Chicago

Delphine did an outstanding job applying her expertise and experience during the sale of our house. She was very meticulous in all aspects of our house sale and was always of top of things, which helped us get our house sold in a surprisingly short time.

Marshall H. - Deerfield

You did an excellent job to sell our house in Deerfield in just 9 days. The process and timing were perfect. Your team is very professional. We appreciate the fact that you helped us negotiate another $20,000 during the multiple offer negotiation--a perfect  scenario for us. 

Dan D. - Arlington Heights

It was a pleasure working with Delphine. She was always fully prepared and took the time to explain everything about buying a home. She was our greatest proponent, working tirelessly to meet our goals. If you are considering hiring Delphine, look no further and sign her up. She is undoubtedly the best in her field.

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Questions You Should Ask After Your Listing Expired

Rather than make a bad situation worse, sellers whose listings have expired should analyze what went wrong. Invariably, these concerns need to be addressed.

  • 1
    How do I know if my house was overpriced? If you set the listing price or if the listing place was based more.
  • 2
    How can I know if an agent will actively sell my home? Before you list your home, ask the agent how she will actively more.
  • 3
    How can I sell my hard-to-sell location home? Many sellers struggle to understand that not every home more.
  • 4
    What should I do with my current home condition? Make a good first, second and third impression. more.
  • 5
    What should I do with feedback? Feedback from agents and buyers is intended more.
  • 6
    I did not receive a single offer on my listed home, what now? Well, if your home was shown consistently more.
  • 7
    What options when your home won't sell? After a listing expires, you have several more.

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Now! How To Sell My House Fast This Time?

Team up with a strong professional with a strong marketing plan

Your relationship with your Realtor should be a full partnership on solid ground. Your agent should take the time to listen to all of your questions and concerns, do their best to meet your wishes and desires, and give you honest and dependable feedback on the progress of your sale. Your agent has to provide the best marketing plan for your home sale.

Price it right

Ask yourself, did the pricing of your past listing work for you or against you?

A little known secret is that the “right” price greatly depends on the market conditions of your local area. Is your area a buyer’s market, a seller’s market, or a neutral market?

You need to know the difference.

Home condition matter

Remember, a house that presents well sells for the best price because it outshines the competition, and nothing else.

You should do your best to fix all the little problem areas and keep the home clean for showings at all times. Brighten it up to make it easy for potential buyers to feel right at home when their view your property.

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